My designs combine my illustration skills with print work knowledge to aid in prop fabrication for various animated shorts.

- Have You Eaten? (2018) -

I helped Marisa Tontaveetong with her thesis stop motion mix media animated film called Have You Eaten. I created the 2D art file for props that were then prepared for assembly into 2.5D assets shot on camera with other stop motion puppets.

- The Little Mermaid (2018) -

I was one of the environment artists for the animated portion of The Little Mermaid movie released on Netflix in 2018.

The art director wanted the scenes to look painterly and whimsical, giving me the chance to work outside of my usual style.

- Merge (2019) -

WOW was this art style extraordinary and unusual. My friend, Tamarind King, was finishing up her thesis animation about a girl learning to overcome her fears of driving. The scene I worked on was when she started hallucinating hence all the wacky items and bold colors. The actual film itself is wonderful, the animations are very lively and keeps you hooked to the end.

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