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Multimedia | Content Developer
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Concept Art, Illustration, Graphic Design/Logo, Layout, Graphic Novel/Comics, Packaging/Product Design


Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Level Design, Product Visualization



Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, FontLab, After Effects, Dream Weaver, Canva


Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, iClone Pro, Motion Builder, Unreal Engine 4, Substance Painter, Zbrush


Asana, FileZilla, Hack&Slash, Perforce, Slack, Trello, Zoho, Subversion, Google Drive, Dropbox, Excel, Word, Powerpoint



I am an industry veteran with over a decade of experience working on digital and print media for Virtual Reality experiences, animated films, live-action movies, video games, board games, graphic novels, theater production, product development, print media graphics, and more. I specialize in the sci-fi fantasy genre with a photorealistic style and have also worked in other genres using the anime/manga and comic book styles.

My double major in animation and sequential arts combined with a Master's in Business allows me to integrate into any creative visual project from the previsualization to the production phase. 

I am also the Business Director for the Atlanta-based ASIFA-South volunteer animation society. I lead our team in pursuing sponsorship/partnership opportunities, budgeting, and other department-specific duties. The Executive Director and I collaborate with community leaders such as studio owners, higher education faculty, government officials, and leaders of other relevant organizations to implement strategic initiatives aimed at improving conditions of the animation industry in the State of Georgia.


  • Created product concepts and manufacturing blueprints for major social media influencer brands with millions of subscribers such as:

    • Mark Rober (20.5M)

    • Slogo (10.5M)

    • VerbalAse (4.3M)

    • MeganPlays (3.5M)

    • CG5 (2.94M)

    • SixenTV (92K)

Contract Product Designer
Imprint Creations o/a Juniper

September 2021 – Current

  • Designed and implemented UI elements and functionality for VR projects created in Unreal Engine 4. Level design and general layout. Concept art and storyboarding for VR experiences.
    -Cosmos Coaster: Level Design layout, 3D asset implementation, lighting, UI concept design and implementation, basic blueprint functionality, sequencer animation, physics-based blueprints with triggers.
    -Apollo 11 and Beyond: Logo design, storyboarding, level design, 3d modelling, animation, lighting, ZBrush landscape modelling, Sequencer work on the launch pad scene and low mars orbit scene, logo animation, particle effect work, basic blueprint work with splines for terrain elements.

VR Content Artist

October 2018 - Present

  • Created 4 polished previzualization concept art to illustrate the mechanics and art direction for an announced project.

Freelance Concept Artist

January 2018

  • Participated as part of the film committee to screen and review film that will be listed as part of the event programming.



  • Invited to be part of the Computer Animation Festival Committee involved with judging and reviewing films featured at the 2017 Siggraph showing in Bangkok, Thailand.

CAF Committee
Siggraph Asia 2017 
[ Program Guide Here ]

July-November 2017.

Graphic Artist
CMON, Inc. Cool Mini Or Not

October 2013 – Present (4 years 1 month) 1275 Ridgeland Parkway. Alpharetta, GA 30004.

  • Developed UI assets for mobile app games.

  • Created designs for apparels, print materials, concept art, illustrations, layout, product design, packaging, marketing/promotional materials, web graphics, and logo design.

Freelance UI Designer
Sarvint Technologies

December 11, 2015- January 1, 2016.

  • Created multiple UI elements for a smart shirt app in development by Sarvint.

  • Worked with another UX designer to establish the art direction for the app. I helped solve design issues involving the graphic display of multiple data overlap.

Lead Concept Artist
Project Manager
Black Haze Studios

March 2015 - Present

  • Created concepts and illustrations (characters, environment, weapons, vehicles, props, architecture) for 3D modellers.

  • Manage team of creative individuals and coordinate between different departments.

  • Front end web design for the Black Haze Studios company and We Exist game  website.

  • Graphic art for menus, in game HUD, mock ups.

  • Responsible for hiring and social media marketing outreach.

Assistant Teacher
Graphic Artist
First Fine Art & Design Academy

July 2012 – Present (2 years 11 months) 10475 Medlock Bridge Rd., Suite 530, Johns Creek, GA 30097

  • Every weekend I teach students K-12 traditional drawing techniques using graphite, water color, oil paint, acrylic paint, color pencils, and gouache. I also showcase digital painting techniques for more advanced students.

  • Designed T-Shirts for the 2014 Summer Camp.

  • Co-Designed the First Fine Art & Design Logo, business card, and letter templates.

  • Front End web designer for the First Fine Art & Design website.

Freelance Layout Artist
Ethic Comics LLC

January 2013 – February 2014 (1 year 2 months)

  • Asset Organization for project files.

  • Worked between Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create the paperback and hardback book  layout.

  • Worked with IDW to create print proof PDFs for the paperback edition of Diamond Island.

Animation Intern
Hi-Rez Studios

Jan 2012 – March 2012 (3 months)

3750 Brookside Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA. 30022

  • Completed a 10 week training course while working with the Senior Animator to learn the animation pipeline for SMITE.

Freelance Illustrator
Persistence of Vision Previs

June 2011 – August 2011 (3 months)

  • Illustrated 5 scenes based on storyboards provided by POV Previs for the Zafari animated show.

  • IMDB Credits [Click Here]



Ohio University
OMBA Entrepreneurial Studies

2019 – 2021

  • Descriptive Analytics

  • Operational Business Human Resources

  • Accounting for Executives

  • Managerial Finance

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Managing Innovation

  • Strategic Use of Information systems

  • Ideation and Concept Development

  • Operations Management

  • New Venture Creation

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Applied Business Experience

Savannah College of Art and Design
BFA, Animation, Sequential Art

2007 – 2012

  • Double Major in Sequential Art and Animation

  • President and Founder of the Scad Mixed Martial Arts Club

  • Member of the SCAD Animation Society

  • Member of the Temple of Cartoon Mojo

  • Member of the Concept Art Factory

CG Master Academy
Vocational Foundation and Design Program


  • Sketching I

  • Intro to Perspective

  • Anatomy I